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ASM EA-2L Exam Course Outline & Review Questions

By: Farber

Edition: Spring 2023

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This manual consists of my course outline and review questions that have been inserted into the various sections of the outline. It reflects the course syllabus as published in 2019. Most, but not every topic is covered in this outline. Any changes to the syllabus that might be published in the January, 2020 Joint Board program document are not reflected in this outline. Please check for updates on the A.S.M. web site in early 2020.

The 2020 edition has been updated from 2019 to correct any errata and add new clarifying material. The 2019 edition also includes any increases in limitations that are updated annually by the Department of the Treasury and PBGC. (Note that while these limitations are noted in the body of the sample questions in this manual, they would not be included in the body of an actual exam question since tables
of historical limitations and factors needed to solve the problems are provided with the exam – see the Joint Board program document).

This manual assumes knowledge of the material covered on the EA-1 exam. Note that the pension law
exam (EA-2L) does not presume knowledge of the material from the funding exam (EA-2F).

As always, I expect that there will be some last minute changes to the syllabus, and that errata will occur, so please check the A.S.M. website.  CLICK HERE for Errata


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