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ASM Study Manual Program for SRM- Statistics for Risk Modeling

By: Weishaus

Edition: 3rd Edition

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The ASM Study Manual for Exam SRM covers the full syllabus of the exam and includes practice problems, practice exams and solutions to both problems and exams. While K nearest neighbors is included as part of the linear models topic on the syllabus, the ASM for SRM manual covers that topic as a separate lesson. However, none of the sample questions are on this topic. Aside from that, the distribution of the sample questions is approximately the same as the syllabus weights (with the bulk of the material on the exam and in the manual on linear models), except that there are no sample questions on Basics of Statistical Learning.

Who should use this manual?
The SRM course gives you an introduction to statistical learning and data science. It is a prerequisite to the Predictive Analytics exam. Exam takers using ASM for SRM should have some knowledge of calculus, probability, and mathematical statistics, and you should know what matrix multiplication, transposition, and inversion means. However, the technical part of this course is light; you should know what we’re talking about when we mention testing a null hypothesis H0 against an alternative, or Student’s t test, and it would be nice if you know what maximum likelihood estimation is, but we don’t go very deeply into mathematical statistics.

In this manual, there are 28 sample questions and 6 practice exams. All have complete solutions. Many exercises are original, but they also include SRM sample questions and questions from old CAS MAS-I and S exams. All of the practice exam questions are original. However, a small number of the calculation questions are just slight variations of the SRM sample questions. For the knowledge questions, there was a limit to the number of different tricky statements the author could come up with, so you may find them slightly repetitive.

Note: this manual does not cover R, and you won’t need it for SRM. However, you will need it for the PA exam.

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Abraham Weishaus Ph.D., FSA, CFA, MAAA
Abraham was formerly a financial reporting actuary for Guardian Life Insurance Company. He served on the SOA's Education and Examination Committee for 11 years. He also taught exam preparation courses for the Actuarial Society of Greater New York (ASNY) for 15 years and for CAMAR for 6 years. Abe is currently a professor at Columbia University and teaches exam preparation courses at St. Johns University. He has been an ASM author for over 16 years and publishes material for exams P, MFE, MLC and C.

Resale, sharing or any other violation of copyright is not allowed. Copyright infringement is a violation of the CAS & SOA Code of Professional Conduct and can result in discipline procedures. 

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