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Achieve Your GOAL

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GOAL (Guided Online Actuarial Learning) is a fully customizable learning and diagnostic exam prep tool. 

Huge Exam Question Database:

Tailor your practice session by choosing between 3 learning and difficulty modes.

  • Practice: select the syllabus topic(s), level of difficulty and begin.

  • Quiz: select the topic(s), difficulty, number of problems and set the timer.

  • Simulated Exams: comprehensive exams with predetermined problems withheld from the practice and quiz modes. Plus, Challenge Level exams! 

GOAL P features:

  • 1000+ problems with detailed solutions

  • Adaptive quizzes

  • Drill down to specific topics

  • Add study notes

  • Flag questions

  • Review incorrect answers, flagged and skipped questions

  • Performance tracking and diagnostics

  • Contact instructors

  • Mobile friendly

GOAL Functionality

GOAL Score is a measurement of how prepared you are to pass your exam that suits any study approach. GOAL Score quantifies your exam readiness by measuring both your performance and the consistency of your performance. Your GOAL Score also analyzes your strengths and weaknesses by category, topic, and level of difficulty.

All students start with a GOAL Score of 20 for each topic and difficulty level. This number changes as you answer problems either correctly or incorrectly. As you use GOAL, a mean is calculated for each category, topic and level of difficulty. Simulated Exams influence your score more than Practice Sessions or Quizzes.

P Team

  • Prof. Joel Nibert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, The University of Texas, Austin

  • Prof. Russell Hendel, ASA, Ph.D., Professor, Towson University, Towson, MD

  • Prof. Irina Pogrebivsky, FSA, EA, Assistant Professor at Arcadia University

  • Linh Thuy Nguyen, M.S. Info Systems & Decision Sciences

  • Bill Kinney, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics at Bethel University

  • Prof. Nao Mimoto, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Statistics, University of Akron, OH

  • Prof. Marco Martinez, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, North Central College


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  • 1 user

  • No printing

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