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ASM Study Manual for Exam FM

By: Cherry & Shaban

Edition: 13th Edition



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The 13th edition of the ASM SOA Exam FM Study Manual reflects syllabus changes that are effective with the October 2018 administration of Exam FM. The most significant change is that “sinking funds” are no longer part of the syllabus. The sinking fund section has been deleted from Module 3, and the sinking fund problems in the practice exams have been replaced with new problems on other Exam FM topics. In addition, an appendix has been added presenting helpful tips on using the Texas Instruments BA II Plus (the recommended calculator for this exam).

The 13th edition of the manual has the following features:

  • The manual conforms to the syllabus updated for SOA FM exams beginning in October 2018

    • The topic of sinking funds has been removed from the syllabus

    • A new learning objective has been added requiring students to be able to calculate the present value of a set of cash flows, using a yield curve developed from forward and spot rates

  • The concepts of financial mathematics are explained in plain English, in a manner that appeals to your intuition and common sense.

  • The manual shows you tricks and shortcuts for various types of problems, warns you about common traps that students fall into, and tells you how to avoid them.

  • Over 1,000 problems with detailed solutions, about half of them from prior SOA/CAS exams and half that are original to the manual.

  • After each topic there are examples called “Stepping Stones” that are designed to tell you whether you have understood what you have just read, and to serve as a bridge to more difficult exam-level problems.

  • There is a summary of the key concepts and formulas after each topic.

  • There are 9 sets of Calculator Notes that give you detailed instructions for using the BA II Plus calculator.

  • Six original full-length (35 questions) practice exams, with complete solutions are included.

  • About 600 pages in all.

Printed manual is three-hole punched, shrink-wrapped, and notebook-ready for convenient transporting. 

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  • Printed manual is three-hole punched, shrink-wrapped, and notebook-ready for convenient transporting. 

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