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ASM Flashcards for CAS Exam MAS-I

The virtual eflashcards for MAS-I are included with the StudyPlus+ online tool supplement (which accompanies the purchase of the ASM Study Manual for CAS Exam MAS-I.)  Purchasers of the ASM Manual for MAS-I do not need to purchase these virtual eFlashcards separately.



  • 12 Month License

  • Internet Access required (offline use is not available)

  • Single User

  • No Printing

Virtual Flashcards give you an authentic flashcard experience by hiding the card answer/solution until you choose for it to be revealed. In some cases, the flashcards are categorized allowing you to use them for targeted study, by topic. You may even shuffle the cards into a random order (by one or more topics or within the whole set of cards), to make sure you know the answers from the question, not from the order in which they appear. 

Flashcards help you review and learn important formulas and concepts. The ASM CAS MAS-I flashcard package covers the formulas and concepts of the course. Each card is categorized by topic, allowing you to limit your review to selected topics. Each card also has a cross-reference to the lesson, page, and formula or table number (where applicable) in the ASM CAS MAS-I manual, 1st Edition - Third Printing. A unique feature of these cards is a rating system, indicating the relative importance of each card.

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